Tara Little ZUMBA

"Invigorating with results!
Leeann's classes are the greatest! I've never really liked dancing but decided to give Zumba a try. I'm so glad I did. It's a great workout and the people are super friendly. The music is invigorating and I always look forward to class. -And you definitely see results!"

Atia Bruce ZUMBA
"I've been doing Leeann's class for 4 years nearly and love it. She's a great instructor who let's everyone work at their own pace. Most of all, the music is fantastic to move too and new tracks are added every so often for a variety. Great to make new friends too and very sociable group. I can't imagine that I'd ever stop this class!"

Jane Warner ZUMBA
"Leeann runs an exceptional Zumba class.
Her dances are interesting, and full of content. She also brings in new dances on a regular basis, so we get to learn new things.
The thing I enjoy most about Leeann's class, is that it's for all age groups, and abilities. I would highly recommend it."

Carole Love ZUMBA
"We highly recommend live natural fitness. My daughter in law &myself have been going leeanns Zumba class for nearly three years . It is energetic and lots of fun. Leeann is a great teacher ,she motivates us which has improved our fitness greatly and the music and routines are brilliant. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and a great atmosphere love it !!!!!!"

Pat Hoffman ZUMBA
"Been doing Zumba for 6 years. Really enjoy it. Classes are fun and the people are really friendly. Leeann makes the movements easy to follow but it is still very good exercise. I look forward to it each week."

Yasmin Bartlett ZUMBA
"Leeann is a great Zumba instructor! Heaps of energy and bundles of fun! Feel great after every work out!"

Veronique Black - ZUMBA & FITSTEPS
"I have been attending Leeann's Zumba class since just before Christmas and her FitSteps since January and am now completely hooked on both! I love her energy and sense of fun that she brings to the classes, you really can take it at your own pace, everyone is really friendly and we are all ages, shapes, sizes and ability. I can honestly say that I never thought I would be enjoying this sort of class, but I love it, really look forward to it and don't want to miss it. I feel mentally and physically better for it and since November have dropped a trouser size! Monday and Thursday nights are all about Zumba, I would highly recommend it and it is about the best stress buster I can think of."

Sarah Walsh - Zumba
Joining Leanne's class was my first time trying Zumba (or any excersize for that matter!). Now I look forward to it every Monday & Thursday! Lots of fun and always lots of energy. Any age, shape & size are welcome, just don't be scared to sweat!! :)

Teresa Delgrosso - ZUMBA & FITSTEPS
"I started Zumba with Leeann last year after not doing any exercise for some time, as a complete ‘exercise-phobe’ I was dreading it... I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised; the class is open to all abilities, ages, shapes and sizes, it is as high impact as you want it to be, fun and most importantly makes exercise enjoyable. I cannot recommend the class highly enough, Leeann is constantly cheerful and leads every routine clearly and concisely – and getting it wrong is never frowned on – unlike classes I have been to in gyms in the past.

In the New Year, Leeann started the FitSteps classes on a Monday. I am no dancer but love all things Strictly, so I gave it a go. The class is great fun, great routines done to good music. The exercise routines are based on Cha cha, Paso, tango, waltz and jive – none of which I thought I could do, I am never going to be a ballroom dancer, but I am still happy at the end of every class and that alone makes it all worthwhile for me. I would recommend these classes to anyone who wants to get fit but hates the gym! "

Niki Maric - ZUMBA
"I have been regularly attending Leeann’s zumba class since 2011. Now I am not an athletic person by any stretch of the imagination, and I am way too self conscious to go to a gym. What makes Leeann’s class so appealing is her encouragement and high levels of energy and positivity. In the beginning I felt like I had two left feet, but it didn’t take long for me to become confident in the moves and thoroughly look forward to class every week. The music and the other members of the class provide a fun and inviting atmosphere. I can highly recommend Leeann’s class as a great way to keep fit, meet friends and have fun!"

Jacqui Smith - ZUMBA
"I joined Leeann 's Zumba class just over 2 years ago and can honestly say I love them, they have changed my life and how I view life. I joined at a time when I was at a very low ebb - I had been through a very stressful time having lost my job and a career I had worked hard for, though bullying, being threatened and demoralised, my confidence robbed and an occasion where I nearly took my own life.
Zumba became a part of my life where I thought I had no rhythm and was too embarrassed. I soon found out just how much I loved it and now just can't get enough, by undertaking 2 classes a week I have gained confidence and made some true friends.
I may not have lost the weight I'd like to but am now fitter than I have ever been. Thank you Leeann and Live Natural Zumba."

Kay Walker - ZUMBA
"I have been attending Leeann's classes for 2 years now. She has a fantastic energy that drives you to have a great workout whilst enjoying the music and group atmosphere of her classes."

Christine Hawkes - ZUMBA
"I have always loved dancing so when I heard about Zumba (having watched every possible YouTube upload) was very interested to find a local class. I started Zumba earlier this year on Monday nights at 8.30 in Kenley and wow it was everything I hoped and more!
I enjoy it so much I now attend an earlier Monday class at 6.45 in Purley as well. Leeann is a fantastic teacher, she is enthusiastic and encourages everyone to do as much as they can, every class is great fun, the music electric and the dances fabulous. I have met some lovely new people. We are all different ages, shapes and sizes with the same love of Zumba! I haven't lost weight but inches and have dropped a dress size! Woo Hoo!!
Although, since I have been doing Zumba, I feel 20 years younger."

Christine Bushnell - ZUMBA
"I decided to join Leeann`s zumba classes a few weeks ago, and really enjoyed it when I went, it was very energetic, but we were able to pace ourselves if need be. Leeann gave very clear instructions, and her enthusiam for teaching comes through, as well as her skills. She is very inspiring. The music was really good, and encouraged me to want to exercise and dance. I think it will obviously take some time to get fitter and keep up with the class, but I feel welcome as there are all ages and body sizes there, as well as people at different fitness levels. I would recommend these classes to anyone."

Stephanie Friend - ZUMBA
"Before Leeann invited me along to her Zumba class, back in October, I had never heard of Zumba. I was very aware that I needed to join some from of exercise class as my general fitness was not that great. I had been a member of a gym for some years but felt that the classes didn't suit me and also a lot of my girlfriends had gone back to work so I was working out alone!
I really didn't know what to expect when I started Zumba. I did a little research and saw that it was 'dance-based' fitness.
Now, I'm completely hooked. I call it 'my little hobby'. I cannot imagine not having Zumba in my life now - what a convert.

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